How Probiotics Can Help Reverse Diabetes

A breakthrough new study found that probiotic supplements can improve a number of symptoms in prediabetic individuals. The exciting discovery was published by Beijing University researchers in The Journal of Translational medicine. The researchers searched for studies from several different sources of prediabetic individuals who took probiotics and only probiotics -- without any additional supplements or medications.   

After reviewing over 400 studies, they narrowed them down to seven with the most promising research. In total, these studies followed 460 participants who were split into two groups, one group who took probiotics, and the other that took placebos. The probiotics in the studies were consumed in several different forms, including supplements, powders, milk, yogurt, and sachets. A few of the studies focused on only one probiotic strain, while the others included several more species.  

The researchers discovered that those who took probiotics experienced significant health benefits for the prediabetic participants, while there were no significant positive changes in those individuals who took placebos. 

They concluded that the positive results warranted further research into probiotics for those suffering from prediabetes, including regulating blood glucose homeostasis. Other studies found that people with Type 2 diabetes lack the same diversity in their digestive tract microbiome compared to people without Type 2 diabetes, which is further evidence that probiotics can be extremely helpful.

Research suggests there are multiple ways in which a diverse gut microbiome may also offer protection from Type 2 diabetes. In the immune system, specific cells can send a signal to the body to release sugar into the bloodstream for energy to fight off potential invaders. But over time, it can lead to elevated blood glucose levels and Type 2 diabetes. Further evidence shows that individuals with Type 2 diabetes have less bacteria in their gut microbiome. However, the reason why beneficial bacteria decline as Type 2 diabetes develops is not known. It's believed that once the gut microbiome becomes less diverse, the "good" bacteria are overtaken by the more harmful strains.  

The great news is that probiotics help to restore diversity in the digestive tract so your body can more easily regulate blood sugar levels.   

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