Boosting Immunity With Probiotics


Your immune system is a complex network of various cells, organs, proteins, and tissues, which are located throughout the body.  All of these components work synergetically to protect your body from threats such as pathogens, toxins, infections, viruses, and even the many consequences of stress.

So, to improve and strengthen your immune system, you need to heal from the inside out, starting with your digestive tract.

Studies show the strong relationship between your gut and the immune system. In fact, your intestines contain more immune cells than everything in the human body.  It’s estimated that 70% of your entire immune system reside in the digestive tract, which is why maintaining a healthy gut is essential for optimal immunity and to maintain great health.  In many cases, immune dysfunction begins with communication failures in the gut. Research shows that the friendly gut bacteria actually communicates with the immune system to make sure that it always responds appropriately to potentially dangerous invaders.

So when your digestive system is functioning at high levels, it creates a strong protective barrier to “bad” bacteria, viruses, infections and other pathogens. Poor digestion leaves the body and the immune system lacking what it needs for your body’s defense mechanisms to perform at optimal levels.  

How Probiotics Work to Strengthen Immunity

Inside your gut is a multitude of tiny micro-organisms, collectively known as the microbiome.  Your gut microbiome is a mixture of  friendly bacteria, known as ‘probiotics’, and “bad” bacteria known as pathogens.  Probiotics can improve your immunity and digestive health by promoting and maintaining these friendly intestinal microbiota that protect you from harmful pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.

Probiotics support the gut microbiota by inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, strengthening the intestinal barrier, and creating essential amino acids and other nutrients your body needs to function properly.  High quality studies have also shown that probiotics may lessen the duration and severity of the flu and common cold in children and adults, and offer protection from other infections.

While probiotics can be found in many foods, the beneficial bacteria must be alive when you consume them.  The problem is today’s modern food processing methods often destroy the survival of probiotic organisms that would be beneficial for gut health and your immunity.

That’s why probiotic supplements are your smartest choice to ensure microbial diversity, unlike  foods like yogurt that only contain one or two strains of probiotics.  They also allow you to choose the specific probiotics you ingest to target and treat specific health problems – such as vaginal infections, diarrhea, or digestion problems.

At Purevee Organics, our high quality probiotics contain 25 billion live cultures and 10 probiotic strains, which is more that can be found in any food.  The wide variety of health benefits include stronger immunity, improved gut health, protection from vaginal and UT infections, better moods, and much more.

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